Support for International Graduate Students

The ESL Program offers courses to help international graduate students increase their confidence and understanding of academic English and U.S. academic culture.

ESL 7250 Academic Listening & Speaking for Graduate Students (3 credits)
Develop communication skills needed to give effective academic and professional presentations, actively participate in small talk and discussions, better understand academic lectures, and improve English fluency and pronunciation.
ESL 7350 Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3 credits)
Analyze and write academic genres (e.g., data commentary, summaries, critiques), develop research writing skills (paraphrasing, synthesizing, citing), practice the writing process (including developing revision and editing skills), and refine the use of academic vocabulary and grammar.
ESL 7500 Teaching at the University for International GTAs (3 credits)
Gain valuable classroom language and intercultural skills, complete microteaching sessions on topics in your discipline, and analyze the teaching of undergraduate courses. ESL 7250 is a prerequisite if GSTEP recommended.


Graduate students can self-select courses or are recommended for specific courses based on their GSTEP scores. For information about the GSTEP, click here.

Courses are credit-bearing but do not affect grade point averages. Students earn a “satisfactory” grade (S) with a course average of 80% or higher.

Course descriptions and additional information can be found in the current graduate catalog.