Minor in Applied Linguistics

Students who wish to minor in applied linguistics should complete the following six requirements (15-18 hours). A grade of C or higher is required in all courses counting toward the minor. AL 3021/FORL 3021 Introduction to Linguistics is a prerequisite for all courses in 4-6. Students who wish to complete both a minor and a TEFL certificate may count some of the same courses toward requirements for both programs. The minor is 15-18 hours and the TEFL certificate is 15-18 hours; completed together they are 21-27 hours. See the departmental advisor for more information on this combined program of study.

  1. Lang 1002 Beginning Foreign Language II (3)*
  2. Any 2000 level AL/ForL course (3)+
  3. AL 3021/FORL 3021 Introduction to Linguistics (3)+
  4. Select one course. (3)
    • AL 3041/FORL 3041 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition (3)
    • AL 4131/FORL 4131 Bilingualism (3)
  5. Select one course. (3)
    • AL 4011/FORL 4011 Phonetics & Phonology (3)
    • AL 4012/FORL 4012 Morphology & Syntax (3)
  6. Any 3000 or 4000 level AL course (3)

*NOTE: The foreign language 1002 is waived if it is a requirement in the student’s declared major.

+NOTE: AL 2021 Introduction to English Linguistics or a passing exemption exam score is now a prerequisite to AL 3021.

Students can choose to combine the AL minor (15 hours) with the TEFL certificate program (15 hours), for a total of 7 courses or 21 hours of credit (if both the Lang 1002 and AL 2021 requirements are waived). A sample list of courses that would fulfill both program requirements is below:

  • AL 2021 Intro to English Linguistics OR, if exemption exam is passed, 2101 Introduction to Language OR 2231 Understanding Miscommunication
  • AL 3021 Intro to Linguistics
  • AL 3041 Second Language Acquisition
  • AL 3051 TEFL I Methods and Approaches
  • AL 3101 English Grammar in Use
  • AL 4011 Phonetics & Phonology OR AL 4012 Morphology & Syntax
  • AL 4161 TEFL II Practicum

Additional Information

Dr. Hae Sung Yang
Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL
25 Park Place, 15th floor
E-mail: hyang20@gsu.edu

Phone: 404-413-5591 (email is the best way to reach me)