Programs in Applied Linguistics

Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that integrates many perspectives on the study of human language. Studying linguistics is not a matter of learning many different languages, but rather it is the study of the nature of language in general. Applied Linguistics is the study of language and communication in relation to real-world problems such as language acquisition and teaching, language assessment, language analysis on a large or small scale, improving intercultural communication, and understanding the relationship between language and social organization or behaviors.

The Department of Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language offers

(1) A B.A. degree in Applied Linguistics;

(2) A minor in Applied Linguistics;

(3) A certificate* in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL),

(4) ESL credit-bearing courses for non-native speakers of English, and

(5) Intensive English Program (IEP) courses for non-native speakers of English.

*NOTE: The TEFL certificate overlaps with and may be combined with either the major or the minor.

The major and minor in Applied Linguistics provide the opportunity for students to explore the field of linguistics from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Learning Opportunities

Students in the Applied Linguistics program have the chance to learn:

  • One or more foreign languages
  • Ways of using language to communicate effectively
  • The power of language in politics, the media, and advertising
  • The (mis)communication that can result from cultural differences
  • Cognitive, social, and neurological processes involved in language acquisition
  • Physical and psychological aspects of language production and comprehension


Major and Minor Programs

The department of Applied Linguistics offers undergraduate major and minor programs.

The mission of the B.A. in Applied Linguistics is to provide a thorough grounding in the study of language analysis, use, and acquisition to prepare students for a variety of options for employment or further study in fields in which the scientific study of language is significant, e.g: anthropology, speech and hearing science, psychology, cognitive science, foreign language teaching (including English as a second/foreign language), lexicography, and text and discourse analysis.


Certificate in Teaching EFL

Students in the Language Studies Program can also earn a Certificate in TEFL to use while seeking employment overseas as teachers of EFL.


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