Application and Admission

The Application Process

Fall – July 1
Springs – November 15
Summer – March 1


The GSU self-managed application process requires that you first apply online and then send your application materials in one package to the Graduate Office of the College of Arts and Sciences. Please see the GSU Graduate Studies page, and if you are an international student, also see the site for the Office of International Affairs. at 
The following is a list of the basic application material requirements:

1. A completed application form: submit online to Embark (incl. a $50 application fee) on the Graduate Studies page.

  1. Please note: If you live in a country where either the modem speed or accessibility to a computer restricts you from doing this, then include in your admissions packet a paper copy of the forms and a payment for the $50 application fee.

2. A completed packet of application materials including:

  1. One copy of official transcripts from all colleges attended
  2. For International applicants (only): official scores on the TOEFL or IELTS exam including the Test of Written English if reported separately).  To learn about the TOEFL, on the Internet go to the TOEFL website. To learn about the IELTS, on the Internet go to the IETLS website.
  3. A typed statement of professional and academic goals no more than three pages in length (including a description of prior teaching experience, language study, and cross-cultural experiences, if any)
  4. Three letters of reference, preferably from former teachers who can comment on academic preparation and potential (GSU provides no specific form for such letter.  Most recommenders compose a letter of about one page in length.)

If you have any specific questions about the application process or materials, please see the College of Arts and Sciences webpage, the application portal, or call the Graduate Services Office of the College of Arts and Sciences (404) 413-5040 or email the following Graduate Services Office representative:

Brittany Galuskin

The Admission Process

Your application materials will be reviewed by the Graduate Office of the College of Arts and Sciences, graduate faculty in the Department of Applied Linguistics/ESL, and a dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.  In deciding your admission status, the department and college will consider the following:

1. Your grade point average (GPA) for all previous college course work.  Competitive applicants usually have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

2. For international students:  The TOEFL or IELTS is required. Your score should be no more than three years old.

  1. If you took the Internet-based TOEFL (TOEFL iBT), the preferred minimum composite score is 97, with a Writing score of at least 22 and Speaking score of at least 24.
  2. If you took the IELTS, the preferred minimum composite score is 7, with a Writing score of at least 6.5 and a Speaking score of at least 7.5.

3. Your goal statement:  This statement of no more than three pages should make your study and career goals clear as well as highlight your chief qualifications for admission to the program, e.g., your teaching, linguistic, and cultural interests and experiences.

4. Your three letters of recommendation:  These letters should be written by university faculty (preferred) or teaching supervisors who can evaluate your readiness for graduate study and potential as a language-teaching professional.

Finally, please bear in mind that the entire set of application materials will be evaluated holistically rather than merely as separate items of information. In other words, each required application component will be viewed as contributing to an overall picture of your qualifications for graduate study.