Master’s Program

The Department of Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language offers a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) that integrates the study of linguistic theory with practical applications and focuses on the language acquisition needs of post-secondary/adult learners of an additional language. Students receive the theoretical and practical foundational knowledge needed to teach language at the postsecondary level and to progress to doctoral work in applied linguistics or other language-study or language-teaching related areas.  In addition to required courses in such areas as second language acquisition theory, approaches to language teaching, grammar for language teachers, and intercultural communication, students may choose elective courses in sociolinguistics, technology for language teaching, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, assessment, second language literacy theory and a number of other areas. Course work culminates with compilation of a professional portfolio, which is submitted in electronic format and may be made Internet-accessible if the graduating student wishes.

All students are expected to acquire language teaching experience while in the program either by teaching in the Atlanta area, at Georgia State University or for one of a number of volunteer programs for immigrant learners, or by going abroad in the Peace Corps or other programs. Study abroad opportunities also exist with International Exchange Programs.

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