For questions related to international student orientation, please contact International Student and Scholar Services.

The GSTEP is given each semester to incoming international graduate students. The test is giving during new International Student Orientation. Most academic departments require students to take the test. If you’re not sure if your department requires the GSTEP, please contact your academic department directly.
The test lasts approximately 3 hours. Oral interviews are scheduled separately and last approximately 20 minutes.
The GSTEP has:
• A reading/writing section including short answers and one essay (70 min.)
• A multiple choice listening section (30 min.)
• A multiple choice reading section (45 min.)
• An oral interview (15-20 min.)
Test takers are not permitted to use a dictionary or any support materials during the test.
You will receive scores a few days after taking the GSTEP at orientation. When you take the test, you will receive detailed instructions about when and where to pick up your scores. Once you receive your GSTEP scores, you may need to register for ESL courses. A copy of your results will also be sent to your academic department.
Your score report may indicate that you need to register for one or more ESL courses. These courses are taken concurrently with academic courses. For questions about ESL courses, please contact the ESL Director at 404-413-5200. You should also discuss any recommended courses with your academic advisor.
There is a make-up test scheduled each semester. If you need to schedule a make-up test, please contact the Testing Coordinator as soon as possible at or 404-413-5200.

Testing Coordinator: 404-413-5200 or