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Eric Friginal

Associate Professor    

Areas of specialization:

Corpus Linguistics
Cross-Cultural Communication
(Critical) Discourse Analysis
Research Methods (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed-Methods Approaches)
Technology and Language Teaching


Eric Friginal received his PhD in applied linguistics from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2008. He specializes in applied corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, cross-cultural communication, distance learning, discipline-specific writing, bilingual education, and the analysis of spoken professional discourse. Prior to joining the GSU faculty, he was a lecturer in the Literacy, Technology, and Professional Writing area of the English Department at NAU and an instructor at the NAU School of Forestry, where he taught on-campus and online courses in technical and professional writing, professional editing, and rhetoric and writing in professional communities. His main research program focuses on the exploration of professional, spoken interaction; the acquisition of fluency in ESL; and the study of language, culture, and cross-cultural communication in the context of outsourced call centers in the Philippines and India serving American customers. He makes use of corpus and computational tools as well as qualitative and quantitative research approaches in analyzing and interpreting linguistic patterning from corpora. He has received funding in support of his research from a U.S.-owned call center company operating in the Philippines, India, China, and Costa Rica. His present work aims to contribute linguistic data that could be used for materials production and the development of training curricula in language proficiency and task performance of ESL speakers engaged in business or customer service interactions with native speakers of English. He was a recipient of a Fulbright grant from 1998-2000 and a $1 million U.S. State Department grant (with Dr. Gayle Nelson) for the GSU-University of Baghdad Linkages Program (2010-2013). His studies have been published in the Journal of Second Language Writing, Corpora, World Englishes, English for Specific Purposes, Discourse Studies, and Language Policy, among others. He is the author of “The Language of Outsourced Call Centers: A Corpus-Based Study of Cross-Cultural Communication” (John Benjamins Publishing Co.) (Volume 34 of the Studies in Corpus Linguistics series) and special issue editor of Corpora’s “Twenty-Five Years of Biber’s Multi-Dimensional Analysis” (November, 2013). His recent book, “Corpus-Based Sociolinguistics: A Guide for Students” (2014, Routledge) is co-authored with his doctoral student Jack A. Hardy.

Frequently taught classes:

AL 8470 Sociolinguistics
AL 8760 Corpus Linguistics
AL 8620 Technology and Language Teaching
AL 8710 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
AL 8960 Quantitative Research Methods
AL 3031 Language in Society



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Edited Journal (Editor of the Special Issue, Corpora Journal)

Friginal, E. (ed.) (2013). 25 Years of Biber’s Multidimensional Analysis. Corpora, 8 (2).

Journal Publications

Hardy, J. and Friginal, E. (to appear). Genre Variation in Student Writing: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis.

Journal of English for Academic Purposes.

Friginal, E. and Weigle, S. (in press). Exploring Multiple Profiles of L2 Writing Using Multi-Dimensional Analysis. Journal of Second Language Writing. (GURT SPECIAL ISSUE)

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Friginal, E. (2011). Interactional and Cross-Cultural Features of Outsourced Call Center Discourse. International Journal of Communication, 21 (1), 53-76.


Book Chapters

Friginal, E. (in press). Telephone Interactions: A Multidimensional Comparison. Edited by Vivana Cortes and Eniko Csomay, Corpus-Based Research in Applied Linguistics: A Tribute to Douglas Biber, pp. 26-47. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Skalicky, S., Friginal, E., and Subtirelu, N. (to appear). Instances of Miscommunication in Outsourced Call Center Interactions. Edited by Lucy Pickering, Eric Friginal, and Shelley Staples, Talking at Work: Corpus-Based Explorations of Workplace Discourse. London: Palgrave McMillan.

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Friginal, E. (2010). Call Center Training in the Philippines. Edited by Gail Forey and Jane Lockwood, Globalization and Communication in the Workplace, pp. 190-203. London: Equinox Publishing.

Conference Proceedings

Friginal, E. and Hameed, N.S. (2014). Introducing Corpus Tools in Iraqi EFL Classrooms. Edited by Peter McLaren, Mashael Al-Hamly, Christine Coombe, Peter Davidson, Cindy Gunn, and Salah Troudi, Proceedings of the 19th TESOL Arabia Conference: From KG to College to Career, pp. 253-264. Dubai, UAE: TESOL Arabia.

Friginal, E. and Mustafa, S.S (2014). Analyzing a Corpus of Iraqi Student Writing. Edited by Peter McLaren, Mashael Al-Hamly, Christine Coombe, Peter Davidson, Cindy Gunn, and Salah Troudi, Proceedings of the 19th TESOL Arabia Conference: From KG to College to Career, pp. 265-277. Dubai, UAE: TESOL Arabia.

Other Publications

Friginal, E. (in press). Concordances. Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication. New York: Sage Publishing.

Friginal, E. (2014). Review of Thomas Schmidt and Kai Wörner (Eds.). Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis. Multilingua Journal.

Friginal, E. (2013). Text X-Ray: A Visual Text Analyzer (Software Description). Available online at: