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Amanda Starrick

Sr. Lecturer    

EAP Reading
EAP Writing


Amanda began teaching ESL at the University of Illinois in Springfield while finishing her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology in 1999, and she received her M.T.E.S.L. from Arizona State University in 2002. While in Arizona, Amanda taught ESL at Scottsdale Community College and for the Salvation Army. She moved to Atlanta in June of 2004 and began teaching for the IEP in August. She has held positions of IEP Student Activities Coordinator, IEP Tutoring Coordinator, and CEA Co-Coordinator.

Frequently Taught Courses

Structure and Composition III (IEP 0630)
Reading and Listening for Academic Purposes IV (IEP 0840)
Academic Writing for University Exams IV (IEP 0940)