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Alison Camacho


Materials Development and Design

Student-Centered Instruction

Program Development


Alison L. Camacho has been teaching ESL/EFL for over sixteen years. Her professional career started in Japan, where she worked for three years as a high school English teacher. She has also taught ESL at several language schools and universities in different areas of the U.S.  In addition to teaching ESL/EFL, Alison has worked as a teacher trainer and program coordinator with teachers from Egypt (the Egyptian Teacher Training Program), Mexico (the U.S. Department of State’s English Language Fellow Program (Durango, Mexico)), Iraq (University Linkages Program:  University of Baghdad) and students from China (Peking University Summer Cultural Exchange Program).  In 2005, Alison received her M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Georgia State University. Her interests include materials design, using technology in the classroom, and interactive language teaching. In her free time, Alison enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and dog, running, cooking, and watching New York Yankees baseball.

Frequently Taught Courses:

–          IEP 0840- Reading and Listening for Academic Purposes IV

–          IEP 0850 – Reading and Listening for Academic Purposes V

–          IEP 0740 – Oral Communication for Academic Purposes IV

–          IEP 0610 – Structure and Composition I

–          IEP 0530 – Extensive Reading III

–          IEP 0930 – Writing for University Exams III


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