New Language Databases (Corpora) Now Available to Georgia State Researchers

The Department of Applied Linguistics and ESL is pleased to announce that the Georgia State University community now has unlimited access until October 2023 to a range of large electronic collections of language data (“corpora”) that can be beneficially used in a variety of research and instructional contexts. University faculty, staff and students can freely access nearly two dozen corpora spanning different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese), time periods (13th century to present), dialects (e.g., American English, British English, Indian English), and text/register types (e.g., news writing, TV dialogue, legal documents).[i]
Among other things, these data sets allow users to:

* Find out how people actually speak and write,
* Check how frequently certain words or phrases are in certain types of language and which other words they are often combined with,
* Monitor how language changes over time,
* Gain insights into culture, and
* Design authentic teaching materials.

For more information, including instruction on how to log in and use these resources, download this PDF..