Graduate TESOL Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) or Graduate TESOL Certificate

The Graduate TESOL Certificate Program allow students the opportunity to receive a certificate indicating their training and acquisition of appropriate skills to teach English as a second or foreign language. The TESOL field has been rapidly expanding since the 1970s and persistent growth in job and educational opportunities are expected to continue as English remains a worldwide Lingua Franca and local and national governments, non-governmental, and corporations continue to support English language education.

The Graduate TESOL certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete a series of five graduate courses (15 hours) offered by the Department of AL/ESL. These courses can also be applied towards an MA degree in Applied Linguistics if students want pursue such a degree at Georgia State University. Current MA students, who have completed the required credits, are eligible to receive the certificate as well. The Graduate TESOL Certificate is an entry-level credential for those who plan short-term stays overseas or who are interested in employment in adult schools, private language institutes, or non-profit organizations that offer adult English language courses.

Through this certificate program, students will:

  • Learn language teaching methodology and principles of second language acquisition
  • Study the nature of language and the structure of English
  • Gain practical experience in language classrooms

Program Requirements: 

  • Required foundational courses: 9 hours of the following courses
    • Approaches to Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (AL 8450)
    • General Linguistics (AL 8240)
    • Practicum (AL 8900) , Classroom Practices (AL 8480), or International Internship (AL 8410)
  • Elective courses: 6 credit hours from the following courses
    • Second Language Acquisition (AL 8250)
    • Sound System of English (AL 8320)
    • English Grammar for ESL/EFL Teachers (AL 8460)
Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Youjin Kim ( if you have specific questions about this program.