Graduate ESL Credit Courses

Various graduate courses for non-native speakers of English are offered. Each course is 3 credit hours. Students earn a “satisfactory” (S) or “unsatisfactory” (U) grade, which does not affect their grade point average. An average course grade of 80% or higher is required to successfully complete the courses with an “S.”

The Orientation GSTEP (Georgia State Test of English Proficiency) is given to international graduate students at the beginning of each semester at the university’s new international student orientation. There is no cost for this test. The test includes the following components:

  1. A reading/writing section, including short answers and one essay
  2. A multiple choice listening section
  3. A multiple choice reading section
  4. An oral interview

Based on the results of the Orientation GSTEP, students may be placed into one or more ESL graduate course. Results are given to departments and individual students.

In addition, students can voluntarily register for any ESL graduate course. Authorization is not required to register.

Departments and advisors concerned about the placement of particular students can consult with the ESL Testing Coordinator, Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL (404-413-5200,